It's Never Been Easy

lost-the-end1736.jpgMy post about the "Lost" finale is up over at Pajiba. I think the episode hit some good character moments but was ultimately revealing about the creators' true desire to use smoke (ha) and mirrors to hint at an epic story and then forget it all when it came time to collect. It was a fun episode and had some good scenes, but it doesn't hold up overall, and it will probably retroactively weaken the series. As far as finales go, not on my list of favorites. "Lost" 6x17: "The End" My weekly round-up of TV odds and ends is up, too.

"Lost" Not Immune To The Charms Of The Filler Episode

If this recap feels a bit more cursory than my others, that's because I did it at the end of a five-day stretch covering the South by Southwest Film Festival. I'll have more on that later, but for now, here's the latest from Craphole Island:"Lost" 6x8: "Recon" I do like the slight joke of the title: Sawyer's doing a recon mission, but it's also "re-con," to con again. Wordplay!

What Am I Going To Do For Eight Months?

lost5finale.jpgMan, when "Lost" went to a white screen, I just sat there, wondering how the hell I was going to survive until 2010 (!) to see what happened. Also, in re: Locke, I gotta say: It feels good to be right. I don't do a lot of major theorizing about the show, but that one clicked with me back during "Dead Is Dead." And finally, because I am a nerd like this, I am already planning my headline theme for next season's write-ups. Click here for the recap.